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The 7Twenty Style 55 alloy wheel features a deep concave 7 spoke design and a satin black finish. This finish was upon request from Formula Drift World Champion James Deane for his Eurofighter E92. Now available, Style 55 spoke stickers


Price is for one wheel. Price for 4 wheels: £920.00

7Twenty Style 55 18x10.5 ET5 5X114.3 Hyper Black

SKU: P8155114PHB2005
  • Size PCD Offset Center Bore Weight
    8.5x17" 5-114.3 ET7 73.1 9.1KG
    8.5x17" 5-120 ET7 74.1 9.1KG
    9.5x17" 5-114.3 ET0 73.1 9.6KG
    9.5x18" 5-120 ET15 74.1 10.2KG
    9.5x18" 5-114.3 ET15 73.1 10.2KG
    10.5x18" 5-114.3 ET5 73.1 10.7KG
    10.5x18" 5-120 ET5 74.1 10.7KG


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