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The 7Twenty Style 57 features a mesh design face moulded into a lightweight flow formed barrel and stepped lip. Motorsport strength tested making our wheels suited for both the street and the track.

The 8.5J and 9.5J variants offer big brake clearance while the 10.5J does not due to the shallower back pad from the flatter face design and larger lip.

The black on black finish is a matt black face with a gloss black lip.


Price is for one wheel. Price for 4 wheels: £880.00

7Twenty Style 57 18x9.5 ET20 5x120 Black on Black

SKU: L8955120BB1520
  • Size PCD Offset Centre Bore Weight
    8.5 x 18" 5-112 ET35 73.1 8.8KG
    8.5 x 18" 5-114.3 ET35 73.1 8.8KG
    9.5 x 18" 5-114.3 ET15 73.1 9.7KG
    9.5 x 18" 5-120 ET20 74.1 9.7KG
    10.5 x 18" 5-114.3 ET15 73.1 9.9KG
    10.5 x 18" 5-120 ET20 74.1 9.9KG




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