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The lever will be much closer to the steering wheel, this will limit the movement of the hand, upgrading a more faster shifting and a perfect ergonomics very suitable for motorsport or sport driving.


The stroke of the lever can also be modified, through an adjustment system, obtaining 4 different values, ensuring maximum customization according to your tastes.

The shorter the stroke, the higher the force required for a shift.

Right left lever stroke = 50mm (FIXED)

1st hole forward / reverse lever travel = 67mm

second hole Lever travel forward / reverse = 55mm

Third hole forward / reverse lever travel = 46mm

Fourth hole forward / reverse lever travel = 36mm

The turret is built using components in aluminium alloy Ergal and Anticorodal and stainless steel 316 machined from billet. The system is mounted on an innovative system consisting of ball bearings designed to reduce friction as much as possible.


The assembly is plug & play and can be installed without and with the tunnel plastics without having to make cuts or modifications.


Only in the first versions, with the box in the tunnel, will need to remove the interior of the latter. It is also possible to keep the original lever cover. The kit contains all the components necessary for the modification.


Will Only Fit Abarth 500

Abarth 500 DNA Racing Adjustable Short Shifter Kit

SKU: PC1476
PriceFrom £851.99
  • All DNA products are sent direct from manufacturer in Italy therefore there will be a 2-3 week delivery time.

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