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SKU: 07.B314.21


This listing is for 1x set of Brembo HP2000 Front Brake Pads.


Pad Dimensions:

Axle Fit: Front

Pad Length: 137.00mm

Pad Height: 57.40mm

Pad Thickness: 18.40mm

Part Number: 07.B314.40

Brembo HP2000 Brake Pads:
The Brembo Racing brake pads that have been designed and tested for a predominantly sporty street use, represent the first upgrade stage represents every braking device. It is a product for drivers with sporting ambitions and, more generally, for those who want to upgrade their vehicles as possible.

These coverings are distinguished by their design qualities and the use of innovative materials, which can only guarantee Brembo.
Thanks to a specific material, which ensures a constant friction throughout the temperature bandwidth, they offer optimum performance even without preheating and at low speed.

It is a material that also ensures an extremely low noise and a low degree of wear of both the disk and the pad next best performances.

Excellent performance in all conditions:
The Brembo Racing brake pads are also distinguished by a high controllability of the pedal, resulting in complete control of the braking action is possible.

They work best at temperatures between 200 and 300 degrees, but they can withstand much higher temperatures up to 600 degrees,
and they have been designed for excellent performance without sacrificing creature comforts level.

These pads, therefore, are best suited for drivers who always require maximum performance when braking in daily vehicle use and in combination with the corresponding discs Brembo efficiency is unbeatable.

Abarth 500/595/695/C Brembo Front Brake Pads

PriceFrom £101.82
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