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This induction kit has been developed in order to have the best performances.

An increase in power of about 10hp was found together with an increase in torque at all revs.


•The cold air feed is drawn in from the scuttle panel, this maximises the density charge of air entering the turbo intake. This means more oxygen and consequently more power. Furthermore, the positioning in this compartment protects the filter element from the dirt that is normally generated in low induction type and catches “calm” fresh air that is not moving.

•The trumpet design will allow you to suck more air, in all direction, eliminating turbolences on the inlet part of the intake. This will create less pressure drop and will give you more power.

•The air box conical shape, compared to competitors cylindrical shape, will create a Venturi effect accelerating air speed and eliminating any form of wall turbolences.

•The use of an high performance filter manufactured by Pipercross is a warranty for the best performances in terms of power and filtration.

•The kit includes a pop off filter.

•The look of your engine bay is just amazing.

•The induction noise generated is incredible.

Abarth 500/595/695 DNA Racing Cold Air Induction Kit

SKU: PC1568
PriceFrom £269.99
  • All DNA products are sent direct from manufacturer in Italy therefore there will be a 2-3 week delivery time.

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