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The Spax RSX3 is a double adjustable coilover, offering separate bump and rebound damping adjustment to give you total control over how your car handles.


  • Separate 28-way bump and rebound adjustment
  • Height adjustable
  • Stainless steel threads for durability


Spax RSX3 are two-way adjustable coilovers. A paired combo of uprated damper and spring, with height and damping adjustment. Replacing both components at once allows the car to be lowered significantly more than would be possible with springs that had to fit a factory damper.


Two-way adjustment means they offer separate rebound and compression adjustment, for fine control over how your car handles. Compression or Bump adjustment controls how firm the damper is on the down-stroke, and rebound adjustment controls how quickly it decompresses on the upstroke. Having fine control of this gives you precise control over how your car handles in corners and over bumps.


While RSX coilovers are a good, cost effective solution to damping adjustable suspension, they only offer a single adjuster which controls both bump and rebound. For very technical driving, being able to adjust both separately is better and will give you more control enabling you to extract every last bit of performance from your car.


Adjustment is via 28-way "click" adjusters allowing you to easily gauge how you are adjusting the dampers.


The dampers themselves are high quality gas filled units, offering excellent heat-fade resistance.

Spax use their own high quality, chrome silicon steel, lowering springs. These are manufactured to a very high standard, and epoxy powder coated to resist corrosion. Because the springs are supplied as a set with the dampers, the whole system has been carefully optimised to work together, without compromise.


One of the most vulnerable parts of a coilover is the threaded sections the spring seat adjusters sit on. These are prone to corroding and seizing, meaning you can no longer adjust the height of the vehicle. To combat this, Spax have used stainless steel for these adjusters, this offering the best possible resistance to the elements. Essential in Britain!


The rest of the body of the coilover is powder coated, for durability.


As with the original RSX coilovers, these offer an outstanding level of performance and control for the price-point with little else coming close.

Abarth 500/595/695 SPAX RSX Adjustable Damping Coilover Kit

SKU: RSX3-1890
  • - 2008 Onwards
    - 35 > 65mm Front
    - 35 > 65mm Rear

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