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OEM Part Number: 51853818 / 51820350 / 51891360 / 51792716 / 51730868 / 51739520 / 51854035

OEM Part Number: 46800409 / 51728282 / 51867664 / 51867665 / 51749797 / 51910242

OEM Part Number: 51929082 / 51932522 / 1583044 / 1583053 / 9S51-6F012-AA / 9S51-6F012-BA


This kit contains 1 bush.


Please read the complete fitting instructions and check package components before fitment. These fitting instructions are to be used as a guide and in conjunction with workshop manual. It is recommended that:

-all work to be carried out by a licensed technician; -all safety precautions adhered to.

-wheel alignment to be checked and adjusted asrequired after any suspension work.

-All fasteners must be tensioned to manufacturer’s torque settings.


1. Support the engine from below with a Jack or Axle stand. It's recommended to use a flat polyurethane jackpad to avoid metal-on-metal contact on the sump. Ensure engine has cooled before beginning work.

2. Using a 10mm socket, loosen and remove the air-box mounting bolt and both coolant bottle mounting bolts.

3. Release the hose clamp holding the intake tube to the airbox, and remove the airbox from engine bay. Pull the coolant bottle from it's rubber mounts and lay it towards the front of the car to give access to the engine mount.

4. Using a 17mm socket, loosen the three mount-to-chassis nuts.

5. Using a 15mm socket, loosen the three mount-to-engine nuts and remove the engine mount.

6. The top half of the mount is secured to the bottom half by swaged bolt holes. These need to be drilled away with a chamfer bit or 15mm drill to separate the two halves. (Figures 1 and 2)

7. Once separated, fit the insert into the mount, with the base facing towards the engine, and with the pins sitting around the mount as in Figure 3.

8. Ensure the top half of the mount is clean and free from any sharp edges, and push the two halves back together. 9. Refit the mount to the car, You must tighten all engine mount bolts to the manufacturer's specified torque settings. 10. Refit the air-box, intake tube and coolant bottle, and gently lower the support from the engine.

Abarth 500 Powerflex Upper Engine Mount Insert Fast Road/Track

SKU: PFF16-540
PriceFrom £26.34
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