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Technical Details.

Based on a new replacement clutch, your clutch kit will be custom modified by hand. - Made in Germany. The clutch disc will get a new high performance organic friction material with a reinforced layered clutch facing construction (Dry coating technology, non-asbestos and lead-free, elastomer / resin binder system, fiber glass reinforced, includes copper, filling materials and coefficient of friction modifiers).

Together with changing the leverage ratio of the clutch cover to increase the clamping force, this results in the desired characteristics of the modified clutch kit.

Diameter [mm]: 215 - Number of Teeth: 20 - Hub Profile: 20,1x23-20N Reinforced Clutch Kit, custom-modified.

Diameter [mm]: 220 - Number of Teeth: 20 - Hub Profile: 20,2x22,7-20N

Reinforced Clutch Kit, custom-modified.

Transmittable torque about 15-30% higher than the OE clutch kit. Includes reinforced SACHS clutch cover and reinforced clutch disc with performance clutch friction material.

Reinforcement Pressure Plate (+30%) Additional reinforcement of the clutch pressure plate (increase of contact pressure). With this additional modification, the transmittable engine torque of the Performance Clutch Kit is increased by a further 15% to a total of 30% compared to the standard clutch.

Approx. 30% higher transmittable torque compared to OE

Higher thermal resistance

Higher burst number of revolutions

Longer life span

Higher clamp load of the clutch cover

Start performance similar to OE

1:1 replacement of the old clutch

Manufacturer compare numbers

ABARTH 220mm



ABARTH 215mm



Abarth 500C/595C/695C Sachs Performance Clutch Kit

PriceFrom £399.99
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