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Our Petrol Tuning Box Offers:

Warranty Friendly Install (traceless once removed)

Reduction in Turbo Lag

5 User Selectable Maps

No Quibble 28 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Flagship Unit

Great Power and Torque Gains

Power & Torque Gains Enjoy increased power from your vehicle throughout the entire rev range.

We design our maps to make power come in sooner, make great torque gains and hold them for as long as possible. Whilst we do make great peak power increases, for most vehicles this is not the primary focus of our tuning. We aim to get the best power possible across the whole rev range to make your vehicle perform best in real world driving conditions.

Our units considerably reduce turbo lag and will make your vehicle easier and more fun to drive.

Your vehicle should make very similar power and torque gains to those quoted, though small variances from vehicle to vehicle, and from dyno to dyno are to be expected.

"Before" figures quoted are based upon manufacturer's stated power output.

Results below

165bhp - 195bhp

230nm - 300nm

180bhp - 218bhp

250m - 313nm

190bhp - 219bhp

250m - 322nm

Abarth 695 (EU) BlueSpark Tuning Box

PriceFrom £174.99
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