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The next generation of premium shock absorbers that offer superior handling without compromise. It is the latest advancement in the KONI product portfolio. Utilizing the most recent generation of KONI’s patented Frequency Selective Damping technology, it controls large body motions and cornering forces but smooths expansion joints and rough roads for improved comfort.

Two characteristics that seemed diametrically- opposed, proved to be a source of inspiration for specialists from KONI. Following lengthy development and testing, the ultimate solution was reached: KONI FSD - Frequency Selective Damping.

A revolutionary technique whereby the benefits of both types of ride characteristics are combined in one perfect shock absorber. Banishing the disadvantages of the past. Special-Active shock absorbers; a smart suspension system adjusting automatically to road conditions as well as driving style. And all of this in a fraction of a second. Special-Active guarantees greater stability, greater control and thus greater driving pleasure.

Ends the compromise between comfort and handling

No need for sensors, cables, or other electronic devices

Damper cost efficient

Ultimate road holding and handling

Improved grip and safety level

Great stability

Optimum comfort level

Superior body control

Adding comfort to cars with low profile tyres

Maximum driving pleasure

Abarth Grande Punto/Evo Koni Special Active Shock Absorber Kit

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