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An all-new product is here, the best heat shield product we have produced. 10mm of thick heat protection insulation wool with our thick aluminium barrier sheeting. Now combined with a layer of adhesive material to make fitting easy!

Our clients have always asked us how to secure the dual-layer barrier sheeting – now we have a solution. This product is perfect for harsh environments and creates perfect exhaust insulation protection, which can be secured in place as a self-adhesive heat shield.


This product is usually used as an embossed aluminium heat shield which is made using heavy-duty aluminium with thick high purity ceramic fibre insulation. It has been famously used within all types of motorsport, industry and standard car tuners. Some household names may include, Hoonigan, Monky London or Subaru BTCC team. Commonly used on firewalls, floor pans, transmission tunnels, aerodynamic protection and air intake boxes.


With the heat shield material being very flexible, it is super easy to cut with strong scissors and shape to protect your desired exhaust tunnel, intake system, ITB trumpets, exhaust system, bulkhead or as a turbo shield. This can easily be shaped to provide the ultimate heat lagging solution to your race car, drift car or daily car.


This compressible 12mm thick Aluminium Heat Barrier product can comfortably protect your racecar or road application from both radiant and convectional heat transfer for continuous temperatures of over 600°C, with heat protection of flashes above 1200ºC. With a very low thermal conductivity rate, this material is the choice for OEMs and industrial applications worldwide, trying to lower their emissions from their various exhaust systems.


Control your convectional and radiant heat issues.


Available in:

  • 30cm x 30cm
  • 60cm x 60cm

Funk Motorsport Adhesive Aluminium Barrier Sheeting

PriceFrom £36.00
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