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The ultimate in heat barrier protection and bulkhead insulation is here – and now in a self-adhesive form! This blanket is formed using the same gold reflective laminate and the ceramic heat shielding insulation that is found within our traditional Funk Motorsport gold heat blanket. But now using a strong adhesive glue on the backside, to create a heat-reflective material in which can be applied with no additional adhesives or fixings required.


This type of product is used heavily in the Aerospace industries, with NASA utilising gold to protect within the harsh environements in space and re-entry to the Earth. The gold heat blanket can reflect away up to 80% of all radiant heat transfer!


Whether looking to use this for a motorsport application, a road car, a track car, or even industrial use, this heat protection product is ideal for use. Easy to cut, shape and secure in place to protect from thermal heat soak, and provide protection qualities unlike no other. Combine this gold heat blanket with an exhaust insulation jacket, or thermal cable sleeve to keep cool, enhance performance, increase protection to the vital components and improve reliability.


This gold reflective heat shield comes available in 60cm x 70cm sheets

Funk Motorsport Adhesive Reflective Gold Heat Blanket

  • This gold reflective heat shield comes available in 60cm x 70cm sheets

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