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As one of the most impressive heat shield insulation barriers on the market, Funk Motorsport Dual Layer sheeting dramatically reduces heat transfer to provide heat protection on components and sensitive areas within the engine bay and exhaust tunnel. Two aluminium heat shield barrier sheets sandwich our specifically formulated fibre compound exhaust insulation wool, to produce our best ever heat management product.


Designed to perform effortlessly in temperatures up to 1600°C, with heat flashes up to 2000°C, barrier sheeting can be used to protect fuel cells, exhaust systems, turbo chargers, bulkheads, master cylinders and exhaust tunnels.

The lightweight sheet comes with turned edges, allowing for it to be cut, shaped, folded, drilled and fastened to your exact requirements. Our Dual Layer malleable heat shield can provide a huge benefit to all race cars and performance cars in all categories of motorsport automotive tuning.


Dual Layer metal heat shields are a versatile product that can work well around ceramic exhausts, turbo systems, and bulkheads to provide an insulation wrap and Heat Lagging to provide optimal performance. Our OEM automotive clients like this product as the internal Rockwool allows a far lower heat transfer and so helps to aid a reduction on harmful emissions caused by standard cars. The Aluminium allows for a lightweight heat shield, but with very effective heat shielding benefits – providing easy to shape characteristics.


This product is available in:

  • 30cm x 30cm (weighing just 208g)
  • 60cm x 60cm (weighing just 706g)
  • Custom metal heat shield sizes are available, drop us a message where we can help you solve your heat lagging issues.


N.B. Larger sheets may be folded to aid shipping and packaging requirements. This does not damage the integrity of the product.

Funk Motorsport Dual Layer Barrier Heat Shield Sheeting

PriceFrom £45.00
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