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This suspension arms kit intended for track day, road and racing applications, has been designed to improve the stiffness and strength of the arms, to decrease weight of the masses on the ground and to eliminate unwanted movement of the wheels, caused by the excessive elasticity of the original silent blocks. The system includes high-quality motorsport uniballs. The kit also includes a new system of protection of the uniballs against dirt that makes arms maintenance-free and ideal for road use. Results: improvement of the handling and of the steering system, better control of the characteristic angles of the suspension, improvement of braking and especially elimination of the tendency to "wave" during the acceleration phase. A MUST for cars over 180 hp. The kit includes the front arms, two racing uniballs together with their protections against dirt and all the hardness needed

Fiat Grande Punto DNA Racing Front Suspension Arms Kit

SKU: PC0135
  • Applications Fiat Grande Punto - Abarth incl. (2005 - 2012) / Alfa Romeo Mito (2008 -) / Opel Corsa D OPC incl. (2006 - 2014) / Opel Corsa E OPC incl. (2015 -) / Opel Adam (2013 -)
    Materials Carbon steel Fe36, MIG welding
    Finishing Sand blasting, primer, powder coated epoxy heavy duty paint in metallic gray, transparent
  • All DNA products are sent direct from manufacturer in Italy therefore there will be a 2-3 week delivery time.

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