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V-Maxx offer an extensive range of premium coilover kits, giving you maximum flexibility in setting the perfect ride height for your car. Height is easily adjusted from low to very low with the adjustment tool included. The X-Street range refers to fixed coilover kits.


All kits are produced to the highest quality standards with sporty but comfortable spring and damping characteristics for both daily and sporty use. Kits are German TüV approved and come with a 2 year warranty.

Ford Fiesta (MK7) V-Maxx Fixed Damping Coilover Kit

SKU: 60FO06
PriceFrom £546.00
  • - Compatible with: All inc. ST
    -  2008 Onwards
    - 25 > 65mm Front
    - 30 > 60mm Rear
    - When lowering over 40mm always use V-Maxx droplinks

  • - Lowering without droplinks when required, or more than the listed measurements will void the warranty and is done at own risk.
    - In some cases, wheel spacers may be required and must be used
    - Always align the car after replacing suspension parts.
    - Sometimes actual lowering may be different from allowed by TUV regulations
    - Vehicles with lowered factory suspension may lower less than the figures listed
    - Kits are designed for fitting by an experienced professional. DIY fitting is at own risk.

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