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Velossa Tech's Big Mouth Ram Air Intake Snorkels allow high speed air to be guided through the grille with minimal loss in total pressure and velocity. When the car is moving, the air builds up pressure in front of the grille, take full advantage of this with a BIG MOUTH ram duct. Having a smooth transitional duct allows the high pressure air to traverses through the grille opening and cavity with minimal drop in pressure. This equates to an increase in air flow and as a result, more power. 

Ford Fiesta (Mk7/7.5) Velossa Tech Big Mouth Ram Air Intake Snorkel

PriceFrom £159.95
  • - Compatible with: ST/EcoBoost
    - 2014 - 2018
    - Maximum performance design, optimised inlet flare and convergent duct
    - All hardware included
    - Finished smooth, for maximum airflow
    - OEM fitment (some trimming of the radiator shroud is required)
    - Two layer UV protective coating for sun protection against coluor fade
    - No tune necessary (although beneficial if you tune with the BIG MOUTH)

  • As a car moves through the air, the air pressure directly in front of the bumper increases with the square of speed. The BIG MOUTH is strategically designed and positioned for maximum air pressure recovery. Basically, it feeds your current intake with higher pressure air. It is the same concept as driving below sea level where the air pressure is higher, except you are able to generate higher inlet pressures with a properly design ram duct such as the BIG MOUTH.Increasing the inlet absolute pressure to your engine has profound effects on performance. Increases in air mass flow, reduction in wastegate duty cycle (for turbo vehicles) and reduced inlet and charge temps are some of the benefits of running a properly designed ram inlet. On top of all that awesome performance comes the BIG MOUTH growl and sinister stare, it sounds and looks great!
    - Kits are designed for fitting by an experienced professional. DIY fitting is at own risk.

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