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Heat Protection isn’t just about performance. We have created a safety shield for your Brake or clutch reservoir.


We looked at many race cars, whereby hot exhaust systems run close to sensitive systems, such as master cylinders. When heated up (outside of their standard operating temperature), the fluid inside changes density, then boils and therefore does not perform as intended. In other words, brake failure/clutch failure.

Our protection blanket provides the insulation required to keep these systems running at optimal, and provide maximum safety to your car.


The two titanium heat blanket sizes available are:

  • 2″ (Dia.) x 3″ high (200mm x 90mm)
  • 3″ (Dia.) x 3″ high (330mm x 90mm)


As you can see from the imagery, this can be used in 2 orientations, to protect the master cylinder body, or the reserviour itself. In either orientation, this is an elegant solution to traditional heat lagging in the engine bay.

Funk Motorsport Clutch/Brake Reservoir Protection Blanket

PriceFrom £48.00
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