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Our specially developed Silver Glass fibre heat tape can reflect away up to 70% of all radiant heat whilst working in constant and ambient temperatures of 200C+.


Rolls can help aid application around complex corners. When used correctly, the Funk Cool Silver Tape can be used to dramatically cool intake pipes and in turn increase induction performance due to the cooler airflow.


Silver tape can also be used to protect vital components or bulkheads from heat sink from engines, exhaust pipes and other components. 


Ok, you are asking, so why silver? Why not any other reflective surface? Copper? Glass? Well silver states the best reflective qualities and so can reflect away outstanding levels of radiant heat. Our Funk Cool silver Reflective Heat Tape is capable of reflecting away around 70% of all radiant heat coming its way.

Funk Motorsport Silver Reflective Heat Tape

PriceFrom £14.00
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