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Easy to fit gold heat sleeving, with no need for removal, and no need to worry about melting your velcro! For years there has always been a trade-off – ultimate heat protection, but hard to fit without removing everything. Or, easy fitment, but with a weak point. We have irradicated that issue and created our gold heat insulation sleeve now with an adhesive edge to allow a thermal sleeve that can provide fitting in situe and the best heat protection sleeve on the market!


As with our gold reflective heat tape, all of our gold heat sleeves offer the best in heat reflective material, with a specially optimised ceramic silica matting covered in an ultra-high shine gold reflective laminate, similar to that used within our gold foil tape. This sleeve has no weak point and can operate with consistent temperatures of 520°C and heat flashes of up to 1100°C. Reflecting away up to 80% of radiant heat transfer.


How to fit heat wrap sleeving? Easy, as per our photos included, lay the sleeving around the braided line or cable you want to protect. Then peel away the adhesive protection, from the foil heat tape. Begin to wrap the sleeve around the hose until tight. squeeze down on the Gold adhesive heat sleeve to ensure a snug fit throughout. You are done! Your pipework is now fully secure!


A thermal protection sleeve like this has a number of different uses. Our clients have used this for components such as:

  • Heat wrap for brake lines
  • Thermal cable sleeve
  • Fuel lines to protect from fuel vapour lock
  • Protection sleeve for Oil lines, to keep the oil at the correct temperature
  • Audio cable protection
  • Engine Bay dressing


The Gold adhesive heat sleeving is available in:

  • 15mm (Dia.) x 0.5m
  • 30mm (Dia.) x 0.5m

Funk Motorsport Gold Adhesive Heat Sleeving

PriceFrom £22.50
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