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Gold Heat Wrap Blankets are used for a wide variety of uses. This blanket can be cut and tailored for your own specific requirements. For example, we used this product to protects the BTCC’s Subaru Racing Levorg’s fuel tank, cockpit, exhaust tunnel and intake pipework to insulate from convectional heat transfer and reflect away radiant heat. Other uses include, swirl pot insulation, master cylinder insulation, or ECU/Electronics insulation.
Unlike traditional Gold Heat Tape, the gold heat wrap blanket provides the best of both worlds with insulation and the gold to reflect additional heat away. This blanket is easily cut to size.
Reflective gold surface will reflect away 80% of all radient heat, whilst the woven insulation polymer beneath will protect from the convectional heat transfer. These blankets are designed to protect the components beneath from harmful liquids and debris. Some uses include: exhaust manifolds, bulkheads, radiator heat shielding, ITB protection, induction pipework and High Voltage Battery protection.
When used correctly, the Gold Heat Wrap Reflective Blanket can be used to dramatically cool intake pipes and in turn increase induction performance due to the cooler airflow. Gold heat wrap blankets can also be used to protect vital components or bulkheads from heat sink from engines, exhaust pipes and other components. 
This protection blanket measures 60cm x 70cm.

Funk Motorsport Gold Heat Wrap Reflective Blanket

  • This protection blanket measures 60cm x 70cm.

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