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Funk Motorsport's Velcro Gold Heat Wrap Sleeving allows both protection of vital lines whilst providing great visual benefits. Much like our Gold Heat Tape, the Gold Heat sleeving uses our reflective Gold laminate, on top of our woven heat barrier fibres, to ensure optimal performance.


Like our Gold Heat Tape, the velcro sleeving will withstand direct heat of up to 250C whilst able to reflect away up to 95% of all radiant heat. Created using a malleable high temperature, heat reflective material this shroud is designed to easily slip over cables and lines in situe without the need for any line or cable disconnecting.


The Gold protection sleeve will protect in all conditions as well as ensuring a tidy finish is ensured to any engine bay or race cabin. Some even use this heat sleeving to protect and tidy their audio install wiring. This heat sleeving is available for all Motorsport categories in sizes:

  • 7mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
  • 15mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
  • 30mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
  • 50mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)

Our protection sleeve is also suitable for AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10, AN12, AN16 hosing.


Multiple Qty of 1.0m Sleeving will come in a continuous roll.

Funk Motorsport Gold Velcro Heat Sleeving

PriceFrom £15.00
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