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Taking design to new limits, the Slip-On Race Line (Titanium) is beautifully finished with unique tailpipes to showcase a variety of surfaces, emphasizing the latest in exhaust technology and production. From the outer part, which is sandblasted and coated for increased durability and longevity, and incorporates a laser-engraved Akrapovic logo, to the inner tubing, which is polished on the outside and has a black-coated interior, all set within the bumper inserts, this system fully complements the lines of the car. Constructed from lightweight, high-grade titanium alloys, which reduce weight by 60% over the sports stock system, the addition of this system will add power and torque comparable to the sports stock system (measurements are presented in the technical data). To add to the sensory enjoyment, the sound offers aural pleasure from the moment the ignition is turned on, with special care being taken to provide acoustic feedback with a deep and harmonic nature, creating a great sound with absolutely no compromise on comfort. The Slip-On Race system can be optionally combined with Link Pipe Set (Titanium). The addition of link pipes will require remapping the ECU.



Power +10.3 kW at 7250 rpm

Torque +14.1 Nm at 3550 rpm

weight -8.4kg


Akrapovic products are sent direct from manufacturer, Delivery time of approx. 1-3 weeks depending on stock level.

Porsche 911 (992) 3.0L Akrapovic Titanium Race Line (OPF-GPF) Exhaust System

PriceFrom £4,550.00
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