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including cars with OE M030 and M033 springs, excl. Bilstein OEM Sport Susp. (RS)


The Koni Sport Kit with Springs offer a 30mm Front and Rear Drop.


KONI's Sport shocks are designed for drivers looking for a sporty driving experience. These products focus on exceptional road-holding combined with an acceptable level of comfort. KONI Sport characteristics include responsive steering, reduced body-roll and limited body movements. Many Sport shocks are externally adjustable, making fine tuning even easier.


KONI Sport 'Yellow' shocks offer exceptional road-holding, but are especially suited for cars that are fitted with mild (up to 35mm) lowering springs. Sport dampers have enhanced damping characteristics.


KONI Sport Yellows are not the average damper, the following features make them unique:

Many can be adjusted externally for rebound damping force by means of a knob under the bonnet or in the boot and don't need to be disassembled from the car

Damping forces can be fine-tuned to personal driving style and road conditions in a matter of seconds


Are you a tuner? Do you like high speed? Are you impressed by professional skills and dynamic sporting driving style? Then we have the right tool for you!


Our Sport shocks Kit provides the ultimate adjustable sport damper technology by KONI. This means that you can have even better road holding, less chassis movement and performance support without limits. Show what you've got and experience the unique driving dynamics with optimum handling. The adjustability of these kits makes them ideal for those odd track days and well as for every day road use.


Optimum combination of KONI sport shocks and H&R sports lowering springs, give your vehicle a more aggressive stance along with better road holding and improved safety.


The Sport definition of driving pleasure is available now from your dealer or tuning specialist.

Offering your car exceptional road holding, direct steering and reduced body roll providing increased driving comfort.


Many dampers are easily on car adjustable with the included adjuster knob

Perfectly tuned chassis / 100% performance

Excellent handling

Perfect match

Fully legal for road use and supplied with TUV papers.

Porsche 911 (993) Turbo (95-97) Koni Sport Shock Absorber Kit

PriceFrom £1,249.50
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