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This precision-machined bush insert has been carefully designed to reduce the range of movement in the OEM Lower Dogbone bush that counter acts engine movement under heavy acceleration and braking, resulting a firmer feel when shifting.


CNC Machined from a single billet of aluminium alloy.


All Forge machined parts go through a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure that they have been made to the highest standard (working to a tolerance of greater than 0.1mm). With a hardwearing black anodised finish which protects the part from oxidation to ensure it looks its best for longer. Developed in house at our Gloucester R&D workshop with working prototypes 3D printed and test fitted. 


*When fitting please Torque to 135 Nm If your vehicle has this bush (part number : 5Q0 198 037 B) fitted you need a type A insert, part number FMAM-B2 If your vehicle has the alternative bush (part number: 5Q0 198 037 C) fitted you need type B insert, part number FMAM-B3


We advise customers to carry out a visual check before ordering the VW Golf Mk7 bush insert as the dogbone bushes are interchangeable and can be retro fitted.


All Forge Motorsport products come with a limited lifetime warranty. All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase to enable us to help you. Failure to supply this proof will result in your claim or enquiry being denied.

Seat Leon Forge Motorsport Dogbone Bush Insert (Type B)

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