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With modern cars becoming more and more reliant on electronics, it is important to provide maximum heat protection for sensors. Sensor protection and injector protection cover to ensure that these components continue to work as intended to ensure lasting reliability. Each sensor is becoming ever more important in the running of newer engines – this typically means that if one fails, a vehicle could misfire or stop running all together.. Protection for engine sensors using Heat sleeving and heat wrap on is quickly becoming the most searched for term, as people are understanding how important it is to keep the ECU happy.

These Sensors and electrical components are usually exposed to various heat sources and can skew the data and information that is being read by that component. This can provide adverse effects upon your engine running and ultimately cause damage or poor performance down the line. Protect your knock sensor to keep your car running for longer. Oil temperature sensor protection can ensure that your car is running at optimal for more of the time.


Our Injector heat protection and sensor heat protectors are made in an easy to fit format, which will allow a slide on and secures using velcro. Created using a high shine heat reflective material to maximise the heat shield qualities. Imagine this product as a specific electronic heat insulation jacket for your ECUs main feeds. The more reliable your boost sensor readings, the more consistent and safe engine performance will be. 


Velcro Sensor Protection covers will provide added protection to these sensitive components. Each cover provides a strong locking system that can be adjusted to suit your individual component. Available in packs of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10


Funk Motorsport Sensor and Injector Protectors

PriceFrom £12.50
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