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Easy to fit adhesive heat sleeving, with no weak points. Our Silver heat protection sleeving has entered the market to improve reliability whilst making it a doddle to fit. In the past, heat sleeving was fantastic but relied on the removal of the line in order to fit. Then we came up with the Silver Velcro heat sleeving, making it super easy to fit, but now introducing a weak point to the product, the velcro could be liable against a lower temperature heat source than the rest of the sleeve. NOW, we have the same sleeving, but with no drawbacks – Easy to fit, with 100% protection.


The Silver thermal sleeve offers the same construction as the rest of our silver heat sleeving range, but offers a self-adhesive heat foil edge to make fitting simple! With a single layer of ceramic silica, matting finished with our high shine heat reflective silver laminate. This provides continuous thermal protection of up to 500°C, with protection against 1000°C heat flashes. The Silver finish also provides up to 70% radiant heat reduction.


So, the question remains; how to fit heat wrap sleeving? This is easy, as per our photos, you will see this process laid out. Firstly, identify the cable you need protecting, then lay the sleeving in contact with it. Then peel off the foil heat tape to expose the adhesive layer. Begin to wrap the fireproof heat wrap around the hose, before squeezing the adhesive together to form a strong bond. Easy as that, you are now fully heat protected with your adhesive heat sleeving!


There are many uses for our heat sleeving, some of these are shown below:

  • Heat Wrap for wires or wiring
  • Thermal sleeve for hosing
  • Brake line heat wrap
  • Fuel line heat protection from Fuel vapour lock
  • Thermal protection on Oil lines to keep the oil running at the optimal temperature
  • Audio cabling protection
  • Engine bay dressing


The Adhesive Silver heat sleeving is available in:

  • 15mm (Dia.) x 0.5m
  • 30mm (Dia.) x 0.5m

Funk Motorsport Silver Adhesive Heat Sleeving

PriceFrom £12.50
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