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Lowers: 0-30mm


MSS Sport is for the performance road driver who drives hard on the road and occasionally at the track. Upgrade and experience a total transformation of your vehicle’s performance handling - and a more controlled ride.


Our unique dual-stacked, triple-rated springs are proudly European - designed and engineered in the UK, and manufactured in Germany.


Unlike OEM and traditional aftermarket suspension, our two active springs and three separate spring rates deal with a much wider range of situations when driving near the limits. Distinct benefits from the reduced roll and pitch - whether it be dive or a squat - enables you to turn sharper, brake later and accelerate sooner.



Adjustable Ride Height

Retain factory Electronic Suspension Functionality

Improved Handling and Cornering


System Parts:

MSS Ride Adjusters/Couplers

MSS Ride Controllers

MSS Ride Enhancers

MSS Adjuster tool (s)

VW Golf (MK7/MK7.5 R) MSS Track Adjustable Ride System

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